I live in the small town of Prescott Valley

I live in the small town of Prescott Valley. It may be small, but it holds the opportunity for others to not only have big dreams, but to be able to obtain them. Prescott Valley is a little town with many new developments such as thousands of new homes, to a new arena, even down to the Famous IHOP and little community banks. People think of small towns as being inconvenient, like I did before I actually lived in a small town, but this small town is accessorized with a nice mall, a super store Wal-Mart, and many known grocery stores.

A few blocks down the street, there is a skate park where all the local kids go and hang out, and lakes where others enjoy the great outdoors. Activities are cheap and easy to do, such as quad riding in the mountains, mountain biking, fishing, and canoeing. If you like animals, you will love it here. I am able to walk outside and in the fields across the way from my house; there are usually three antelopes, which are pretty human tolerant and not camera shy. There are even horse ranches or alpaca ranches, these animals are kind of like camels, but with out the hump, and much cuter.

People always relate anywhere in Arizona as flat, hot desert, which is true in some parts but not in Prescott Valley. I thought that where I used to live the weather was interesting, boy was I wrong. I have seen days where it is sunny, then clouds roll in, and minutes later, you are in a storm of rain and hail, and then come the thunder and lightning, and then the snow! It is amazing! The seasons here are beautiful. Prescott Valley has nice cool summer days, a colorful fall season and snow covered grounds in the winter. It is perfect for people who love different looks all year round.

The people here are the best. You get the accepting kids at school, down to the wonderful smiling people at work. No matter where you go you will always be able to find someone to help you with almost anything. It is called small town attitudes.

I never imagined in my wildest dreams of going to college, but now that I live here, it just did not seem right to not go places just like my hometown was. If I did not move here to Prescott Valley, Arizona and have all of the great influences of the people and surroundings then I would not be on my way to college. Look at what this small town did for me, and now imagine what it could do for you!

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