Growing up in a small town in San Luis

Growing up in a small town in San Luis, Arizona was the most adventurous and memorable place I could have ever wanted to grow up in. San Luis is only five minutes away from Mexico and about twenty minutes away from a bigger city, which is called Yuma. Everyone is very friendly, kind, and most of all helpful. I went to school in San Luis until junior high, and then started high school at Kofa High in Yuma.

Going to high school in Yuma was great, I had the opportunity to meet more people, be involved in many student organizations which gave me the grand opportunity to gain not only leadership knowledge but also to gain friends and to have a great time. Kofa was a great school full of dreams and goals. Students at Kofa are admirable, they are cheerful and most of all are eager to accomplish something in life. Since Yuma and San Luis are small towns, there isn’t that many opportunities.

Coming from a small town makes me view things from a different point of view than many other people from big cities. Small town people like me are more independent, simple, and most of all hard working. Growing in a middle class family, helped me realize that things are more valuable if you actually work for them than just receiving them from someone, you learn how to appreciate things more.

San Luis was great, all my family lived there, which made all the family to become even closer than we already were. There are many fun and interesting things to do in San Luis, everything is close. Living in San Luis made me have more knowledge about different people and different backgrounds. People in San Luis and Yuma are unique I would say. They are true friends and actually appreciate friendship and are there standing right next to you whenever you need them. People in San Luis are not superficial; they truly accept you for who you are. Living in San Luis was a great place and I would do it all over again if I were asked. I learned many valuable things that I probably could not have learned anywhere else.

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